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Well documented food safety plans will give your food business framework, consistency and methodology to ensure that your food safety management systems do their job properly.

About HACCP Answers

About HACCP Answers

We are food safety consultants and can help you with any aspect of your food business in respect of food safety management. We help you to create your HACCP plans from the beginning, encompassing all the stages necessary.  We can…



Do you require a food safety accreditation but are not yet at BRC level?  Designed for smaller food businesses, SALSA is like a baby brother to BRC certification.   Gaining SALSA…


UK Approval Codes

Formerly known as EC approval codes, or colloquially as a health mark; we offer a full implementation service to get your food business to approval stage with your Local Authority…


HACCP Coaching Call

Have a burning food safety question that you just can’t find a clear answer to? 60 minutes, or 1 hour if you prefer….to ask us anything you want about operating…

Bespoke Consultancy Service

HACCP Answers also offer a bespoke food safety/ HACCP consultancy service. Contact us at answers@haccpanswers.co.uk or 07928 933168 to discuss your requirements and get your food business moving again..

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Better food safety happens when we work together.

Why do I have to have a HACCP plan?

It is a legal requirement to have a documented food safety management systems for your food business. OK,…
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EC Numbers, now know as UK Approval Codes!

Picture this: You have a commercial butchery business and your customer base is growing faster than you thought.…
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EC Approval Codes, an EC number or a Health Mark. Since leaving the EU, the name of these changed to UK instead of EU!

An UK Approval, also known as an UK number and a Health Mark is something that you will…
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HACCP Answers

We offer a complete food safety consultancy service, suitable for all types and sizes of food business. We also offer some pre-completed HACCP plans, telephone coaching support, remote desktop audits of your existing HACCP plans. We can implement SALSA food safety requirements, get your business ready to apply for UK approval or even implement an entire ISO 22000: 2018 Contact us to discuss your specific requirements with us in detail.

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Contact us for practical solutions in respect of any aspect of your food safety management system or HACCP plans. We can help! Call 07928 933168 email: answers@haccpanswers.co.uk

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