HACCP Answers bridges the gap between using the expertise of a food safety consultant or spending countless lonely hours on the internet trying to create HACCP plans from scratch yourself.  You can now purchase completed HACCP plans for popular foods right here!

The answer is HACCP Answers!

Here you can purchase pre-completed HACCP plans for the most popular food products and types of food business.

These HACCP plans have been created over many years by working directly with businesses just like yours.  Then the resultant HACCP plans have now been adapted for HACCP Answers so that you can buy them as a done deal, at a fraction of the cost of hiring in a consultant, or, trying to create them yourself.

However, so we don’t leave you floundering with a brilliantly completed HACCP plan which you might need some help with, we also offer other services:

These services are:

  1. A full 30 minute coaching call for your food business for £30
  2. A remote desktop audit of up three of your existing HACCP plans for £250
  3. A full food safety consultancy service, specific to your business.

We are adding new HACCP plans to our site all the time, please get in touch if your specific HACCP is not yet listed.

What is HACCP?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. It comprises sequential methodologies to ensure and prove that your food product is consistently safe to eat.

Originally used in food manufacturing and larger food business chains, HACCP plans are now being requested from a greater variety of food businesses, including caterers, retailers and other businesses handling open foods, regardless if they are low or high risk categories of foods.  This is also if they are not specifically classed as manufacturing food products.

Comprehensively completed HACCP plans will help you get a better star rating for your premises, giving confidence to you, and your staff and, if you have a business that receives external or customer audits; well considered HACCP plans will help you to gain new clients too.