13 May

Desktop (Remote) Audit

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Already have HACCP plans in place that you would like someone to take a look at?

Scenarios when you might require this service:

  • If your HACCP plans are a tad ancient?
  • Or you are unsure if your HACCP plans are accurate?
  • Maybe you took on an existing business and have inherited their old HACCP plans along the way.
  • You think your HACCP plans are almost there, but would like a second opinion.

There are myriad of reasons that you may opt for this service.

If you would like your HACCP plans professionally looked over, then we offer a desktop HACCP plan audit service for £250.

For your £250, we will review up to 4 complete HACCP plans and then send you (by email) some pointers to make it better, or, tell you if you if we think you need to start again…..

You need to be aware with this service that we are only reviewing your HACCP documentation and we cannot see into your day to day operation of your business. If you require a look into your day to day business, please visit our HACCP Consultancy options page.