HACCP is an abbreviation of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.  Now you can see why we just refer to them as HACCP!

Every single food product available to buy from a retailer or manufacturer will have a HACCP plan behind it.  This includes all your major supermarkets and also other discounted supermarket chains.  HACCP plans are essential for food safety.

HACCP plans are a written record of the methodology, that proves your products are safe to eat.   HACCP plans do this by describing the food safety controls in place at stage of your production process.

Crucially, the HACCP methodology and your production methods have to be fully effective at controlling the food safety hazards at each stage of your production process.  It is not enough to just document how you make your product.  This does not prove it is safe to eat.

Reasons you need a HACCP plan for your food product(s)

  • 1) Your EHO says so
  • 2) The FSA says so
  • 3) Your customers say so!
  • 4) You have a novel product that the world has not yet seen and you have to prove it is safe for human consumption.
  • 5) You want to be able to get a step ahead and have proven documentation in place before you open your doors to the public.

There could be many more reasons, but whatever your reason for wanting and needing HACCP plan, you probably need it now.  

You have arrived in the right place.