12 Apr

Why do I have to have a HACCP plan?

It is a legal requirement to have a documented food safety management systems for your food business.

OK, what else?

Good documented systems will give your food business framework, consistency and methodology to ensure that your food safety management systems do their job properly.

What else?

They enable your staff to have reference points for the tasks that they need to do. Additionally, comprehensive documented systems make training new staff easier, as the information is already there.

What else?

These systems present your food business as a professional operation, because you have the confidence to document what you do and how you do it. These documents will be read and implemented by managers, staff, customers, auditors and enforcers. And you will be assessed against them as a measure of competency.

What else?

They provide you with evidence for your Due Diligence Defence, should your business ever be accused of causing food poisoning.

You should consider effective food safety management systems as an asset to your business, not a burden.